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To economically empower and sustain African American communities through entrepreneurship and business activity within the Birmingham Metropolitan areas and via interaction with the greater Black community.

To increase business development and growth via procurement.

Secure partnerships with committed corporations and ensure compliance with Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act at federal, state and local governments and also with prime contractors.

Identify opportunities to do business with each other, set up regular business meetings to discuss opportunities and teaming arrangements
Create useable website directories for e-commerce and recruiting.

Goal #2
Opening the doors to capital access.

Work sessions with financial institutions, SBA Banks etc

Identify agencies with track record of lending to African American Firms

Identify funding for start ups, bridge financing, line of credit and acquisition

To provide entities to fund and guide our organization

Planned Activities-
Annual BBCC Convention
Website advertising
Early marketing and presentations to all potential sponsors
Promote and ensure maximum attendance by affiliated members and direct members
Specify and market membership levels

Research what agencies and corporations are buying and not buying from Black Business

Target agencies for research

Monitor model projects

Establish political agenda to assist in the growth and development of Black business

Identify and support candidates who support black business agenda

Hold forums with candidates during election to the opportunities for black businesses

Identify key board positions and lobby for candidates who support black businesses